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The books are published by Aviation Supplies and Academics. ASA has a group
of excellent editors and graphic artists who have patiently and skillfully
helped me with the latest editions (Student 10th, Instrument 7th and Flight
Instructor 5th).

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Bill Kershner
(William C. Kershner)
Sewanee, Tennessee


-I’ve been going over The Basic Aerobatic Manual lately. It’s a good book geared toward aerobatics in the Cessna Aerobats (150 or 152) and it gives a good introduction to maneuvers that can be done in other airplanes with aerobatic certification (+6/-3 g’s). An aerobatic course will help you know how an airplane will handle in a wide variety of airspeeds and attitudes. Rolled over onto your back by wake turbulence? Don’t roll and automatically pull on the yoke or stick, that will point the nose at the ground if you’re inverted. Push and roll.
-The examiner on my instrument rating check-ride (long ago) had me do a spin under the hood. Whether this was because he knew that Dad had given me early instrument training in N7557L or because I’d been foolish enough to mention having done spins “solely by reference to instruments”. That flying experience pales, though, when compared to the American Airlines pilot who told me he soloed 5 (five) different airplanes on his 16th birthday, ranging from a Piper Cub to a Beech Baron (6 passenger, high-performance twin). Quite a birthday!