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The Basic Aerobatic Manual
. This book covers the how-to of basic aerobatics from the 3 fundamental maneuvers (aileron roll, loop, snap roll) to the combinations of these. Four loops combined with 4 quarter-aileron rolls becomes the clover-leaf, while a Cuban-8 (2 loops with 1/2 aileron rolls) can be modified to be a reverse Cuban-8 with 1 and 1/2 snap rolls. Getting too slow at the top of a loop can be used to enter an upright spin, but that’s rarely the goal and a knowledgeable observer will know it. Although geared toward the Cessna 150 and 152 Aerobats, the information can be transferred to many different aerobatic certificated types. The section on spins contains details Bill Kershner learned from over 8,000 spins ranging from 3 to 25 turns.