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The Basic Aerobatic Manual

This 123 page book starts with the chandelle, wingover and lazy-8, then moves to the basic “outside the normal/utility category envelope” maneuvers: aileron roll, loop and snap roll. These three fundamentals are put together to form the cloverleaf, cuban-8, Immelmann and snap-at-the-top-of-a-loop, among others. Spins are covered in detail by a pilot who went as far as spinning at night to track the 150 Aerobat’s lights on film from the ground and learn more of its spin modes.

Recovery from wake turbulence upset, both visually and by instruments is explained.  We know that avoidance is key, but grasping how to recover might be life-saving: these encounters are typically both a surprise and when you are “low and slow”.

A basic aerobatic course is like an advanced driving course: it not only helps with overall confidence, it gives you a better chance of escaping that sudden unusual situation. Plus, it’s great fun!